Gary Ferguson
Military call sign "Father Ferg"

Pathways for Veterans 501(c3) Founder/CEO, Gary Ferguson, is now finally home. Having spent over a half century struggling from anxiety, stress, and insomnia, he had nearly given up hope that his dream of feeling normal again would ever come true. Now, thanks to the special partnership between Helena Reilly, Robert Lloy, Peter Paulissen and Gary Ferguson, “Operation BioEnergetic Wisdom” his dream is coming true. Since retiring in 2010 and Founding Pathways for Veterans, Gary has dreamed of the day when his fellow veterans could find peace of mind from their military experience through the Pathways 8-Week "At Ease Reset Listening Protocols" and re-enter civilian live free from the trauma of war.

The military mindset is based on that of the "Mission," which gives our veterans a sense of purpose, that when accomplished (by the team), gives them their experience of having value. Until the time comes in the individual life of our veterans, our country will continue to lose our young men and women, to their military experiences too often ending up ion suicide.

 Ever wonder what would happen when four like minded visionaries like Helena, Robert, Peter and Gary say "Yes" to one another?

Pathways Committed to:

Pathways Mission; To create a safe environment where all veterans can have the experience of being heard and are given the tools to reinvent themselves in mind, body and spirit

                                         In Addition To...

Helena and Robert committed to: Providing Scalar Wave Technologies based on the work of Nicole Tesla.


In Addition To…

Peter's Mission


Peter Paulissen: Committed to delivering quality clinical and alternative healing expertise to our veterans to better their health, wealth, and happiness.

                                                                   Creates  .   .   . 


The genesis of change in global healthcare known as,

Operation BioEnergetic Wisdom™



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